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Nursery School


Our program is designed to stimulate the love of learning, increase self-confidence, and enhance gross and fine motor skills as well as perception skills.  The whole program is designed as an extension to the home involving parent, child and teachers.  Your child, to us, is a developing person with tremendous potential.  It is our privilege to guide this potential into ever-widening personal learning experiences.  Our duty, too, is to ensure that any learning problems are observed, monitored and corrected to the best of our ability. School readiness screening takes place once a year, Hearing and Speech are monitered and testing is done if necessary.

Our Program Includes

  • Weekly themes                               

  • Educational Shows

  • Detailed reports – June and December

  • Speech Screening and Hearing Tests

  • School readiness Testing – Grade 0

  • Holiday Program

  • Letterland Program – GED Grade 0 curriculum

  • Annual Concert

  • Baking and Music Classes

  • Tuck Shop Days

Our Menu


Please note that children who are vegetarian or halaal will be offered a vegetable substitute.  If your child is allergic to any foods offered to them, please would you advise their teacher and an alternative will be offered to your child.  Although we realize many children have preferences and different home eating plans, whilst at Wishing Wells they are encouraged to eat all vegetables, fruit, etc. that is offered to them.

You Supply


  • Breakfast if your child has not eaten breakfast at home

  • Stationery packs 

  • Wet Wipes


Ladybirds and Yellow Bears supply own bedding for sleep time


Fee Structure



Full Day                   R2,830.00 per month (paid over 12 months)      6.30am to 6.00pm

                                or R8,490.00 per term / R 33,960.00 per year


Half day                   R2,495.00 per month (paid over 12 months)      6.30am to 2.30pm

                                or R 7,485.00 per term / R29, 940.00 per year

Registration Fee     R500.00 (Non Refundable)


Fees are to be paid by 5th day of each month.  Fees include meals and holiday care.


Download our Nursery School Registration Form:

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