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Our program is designed to stimulate the love of learning, increase self-confidence, and enhance gross and fine motor skills as well as perception skills.  The whole program is designed as an extension to the home involving parent, child and teachers.  Your child, to us, is a developing person with tremendous potential.  It is our privilege to guide this potential into ever-widening personal learning experiences.  Our duty, too, is to ensure that any learning problems are observed, monitored and corrected to the best of our ability. School readiness screening takes place once a year, Hearing and Speech are monitered and testing is done if necessary.

Our Program Includes

  • Weekly themes                               

  • Educational Shows

  • Detailed reports – June and December

  • Speech Screening and Hearing Tests

  • School readiness Testing – Grade 0

  • Holiday Program

  • Letterland Program – GED Grade 0 curriculum

  • Annual Concert

  • Baking and Music Classes

  • Tuck Shop Days


Click HERE to see the extra mural activities offered at Wishing Wells.


Daily Program


7h00 – 8h25           Arrival time

8h25 – 8h35           Good Morning time

8h35 – 8h40           Toilet Routine

8h40 – 9h00           Ring Time – vocabulary, rhymes and linguistic skills

9h00 – 9h45           Creative activities

9h45 – 10h00         Ring Time – development play, Lego building, jigsaws, pegboards, one on one tutoring.

10h00 – 10h15       Juice Time

10h15 – 10h20       Toilet Routine

10h20 – 11h30       Free Play outdoors – ball games, bicycles, balance equipment, fantasy and dress up, water play, sandpit, building toys etc.

11h30 – 11h40       Tidy Up Time

11h40 – 11h45       Toilet Routine

11h45 – 12h00       Story Time

12h00 – 12h15       Lunch Time

12h15 – 13h30       Ladybird and Yellowbear Group have a rest / sleep period

12h00 – 13h30       Green Frogs and Blue Dolphins have controlled classroom activities where they explore drama and story time as well as

                               develop their non verbal communication skills through patterns, puzzles, blocks and educational games

13h30 – 17h30       Afternoon Routine + Play

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